Available Rounds

In addition to the indoor and outdoor target archery rounds from World Archery and Archery GB this site also supports handicap calculation for a number of other rounds. These include World Archery and IFAA field rounds, World Archery and Archery GB VI (Visually Impaired) rounds, the popular 252 scheme and Frostbite round, and individual distances to construct your own rounds.

The following is a list of the rounds that are available for handicap and classification calculations on this site. If you would like to add further rounds (clout?) please get in touch.

AGB Outdoor
Bristol I
Bristol II
Bristol III
Bristol IV
Bristol V
St. George
Windsor 50
Windsor 40
Windsor 30
New National
Long National
National 50
National 40
National 30
New Western
Long Western
Western 50
Western 40
Western 30
New Warwick
Long Warwick
Warwick 50
Warwick 40
Warwick 30
St Nicholas

Metric I
Metric II
Metric III
Metric IV
Metric V
Metric 122-50
Metric 122-40
Metric 122-30
Metric 80-50
Metric 80-40
Metric 80-30
Long Metric Gents
Long Metric Ladies
Long Metric I
Long Metric II
Long Metric III
Long Metric IV
Long Metric V
Short Metric
Short Metric I
Short Metric II
Short Metric III
Short Metric IV
Short Metric V

WA Outdoor
WA 1440 (90m)
WA 1440 (70m)
WA 1440 (60m)
WA 900
WA 70m
WA 60m
WA 50m Barebow
WA 50m Compound
WA 1440 (90m) 6-zone
WA 1440 (70m) 6-zone
WA 1440 (60m) 6-zone

AGB Indoor
Bray I
Bray I Triple
Bray II
Bray II Triple
Portsmouth Triple
Worcester 5-Spot
Vegas 300
Vegas 300 Triple

WA Indoor
WA 18m
WA 18m Triple
WA 25m
WA 25m Triple

WA Field
WA Field 24 Red Marked
WA Field 24 Red Unmarked
WA Field 24 Red Mixed
WA Field 24 Blue Marked
WA Field 24 Blue Unmarked
WA Field 24 Blue Mixed
WA Field 24 Yellow Marked
WA Field 24 Yellow Unmarked
WA Field 24 Yellow Mixed
WA Field 24 White Marked
WA Field 24 White Unmarked
WA Field 24 White Mixed
WA Field 12 Red Marked
WA Field 12 Red Unmarked
WA Field 12 Blue Marked
WA Field 12 Blue Unmarked
WA Field 12 Yellow Marked
WA Field 12 Yellow Unmarked
WA Field 12 White Marked
WA Field 12 White Unmarked

IFAA Field
IFAA Field
IFAA Hunter
IFAA Expert
IFAA International
IFAA Flint
IFAA Indoor
IFAA Field Unit
IFAA Hunter Unit
IFAA Expert Unit
IFAA International Unit
IFAA Flint Unit
IFAA Indoor Unit

Burntwood York
Burntwood Hereford
Burntwood Bristol
Burntwood St. George
Burntwood Albion
Burntwood Windsor
Burntwood Western
Burntwood National
Burntwood Warwick
Burntwood American
Burntwood St. Nicholas

WA 1440 (VI)
WA 30m (VI)
WA 18m (VI)

Lancaster Triple
252 100y
252 80y
252 60y
252 50y
252 40y
252 30y
252 20y
252 10y
3 Doz @ 90m (122cm)
3 Doz @ 70m (122cm)
3 Doz @ 60m (122cm)
3 Doz @ 50m (122cm)
3 Doz @ 40m (122cm)
3 Doz @ 30m (122cm)
3 Doz @ 20m (122cm)
3 Doz @ 15m (122cm)
3 Doz @ 50m (80cm)
3 Doz @ 40m (80cm)
3 Doz @ 30m (80cm)
3 Doz @ 20m (80cm)
3 Doz @ 15m (80cm)
3 Doz @ 10m (80cm)
2 Doz @ 100y (122cm)
2 Doz @ 80y (122cm)
2 Doz @ 60y (122cm)
2 Doz @ 50y (122cm)
2 Doz @ 40y (122cm)
2 Doz @ 30y (122cm)
2 Doz @ 20y (122cm)